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Hey there fellow skateboard enthusiasts! If you’re as passionate about electric skateboarding as I am, you know that the heart of your ride lies in the motor. In this comprehensive guide, I’m going to share my personal experiences and reasons why upgrading your electric skateboard motor can take your ride to a whole new level.

Why Upgrade Your Electric Skateboard Motor?

Enhanced Performance

One of the primary reasons to upgrade your electric skateboard motor is the substantial performance boost you’ll experience. Electric skateboard motors have come a long way, and newer models are designed to provide unparalleled acceleration and top speeds. This means you can leave other riders in the dust and turn your daily commute into an exhilarating adventure. Upgraded motors often come with advanced features like regenerative braking, which not only enhances your ride but also contributes to energy efficiency. Imagine effortlessly gliding down hills while your motor recharges your battery.

Extended Range

Upgrading your motor often goes hand-in-hand with increasing your battery capacity. With a larger battery, you can ride for longer distances without worrying about running out of juice. Say goodbye to range anxiety! Imagine exploring your city or cruising through scenic routes without constantly checking your battery percentage. Whether you’re a commuter or a leisure rider, an extended range opens up new possibilities for your electric skateboarding adventures.

Quieter Operation

Newer motors are often designed to be quieter, providing a smoother and more enjoyable ride. You can peacefully cruise through your neighborhood without disturbing the peace. The reduced noise levels not only benefit you but also your fellow riders and pedestrians. The quiet operation also enhances the overall experience, allowing you to connect with the environment around you. It’s like gliding through the streets with your own soundtrack.

Types of Electric Skateboard Motors

When considering an upgrade, you’ll encounter three main types of electric skateboard motors:

Hub Motors

Hub motors are discreetly built into the skateboard wheels, making them nearly invisible. They offer a sleek, minimalist design and are incredibly low maintenance. Hub motors are perfect for those who value the aesthetics of their board and want a hassle-free riding experience.

One of the notable advantages of hub motors is their resistance to wear and tear. Since they don’t rely on belts or gears, there are fewer components that can break or require maintenance. This means you can spend more time riding and less time tinkering with your board.

Belt-Driven Motors

Belt-driven motors use belts to transfer power to the wheels. They provide excellent torque and are ideal for tackling steep hills and rough terrains. If you enjoy off-road adventures or frequently encounter challenging terrain on your routes, a belt-driven motor might be the right choice for you.

The key advantage of belt-driven motors is their versatility. You can fine-tune the performance of your board by adjusting the belt tension, allowing you to customize your ride to your preferences. This adaptability is a significant draw for riders who want more control over their electric skateboarding experience.

Direct Drive Motors

Direct drive motors are known for their efficiency and quiet operation. They offer a direct connection to the wheels, resulting in a smooth and responsive ride. Direct drive motors are often favored by riders who prioritize a seamless, almost surf-like experience on their electric skateboards.

One of the standout features of direct drive motors is their regenerative braking capability. This means when you apply the brakes, the motor generates energy, which is then fed back into the battery. Not only does this enhance the board’s braking performance, but it also increases overall energy efficiency.

Top Electric Skateboard Motor Brands

Here are some renowned brands known for their high-quality electric skateboard motors:

ESC Remote Kit for DIY Electric Skateboard

electric skateboard motor

Elevate your electric skateboarding experience with the ESC Remote Kit. Seamlessly integrate this 10S 36V Dual Hub Motor Electric Speed Controller into your longboard setup and effortlessly transition to a new level of performance. With its responsive remote controller, you can easily customize speed settings and enjoy precise control over your ride.

This kit revolutionizes DIY electric skateboards, offering versatility and power. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider, this ESC kit will enhance your skateboarding adventure, making it smoother, faster, and more exhilarating than ever before. Upgrade today and feel the difference on every ride.

C6374 170KV Efficience Brushless Belt Sensored Motor

electric skateboard motor

The C6374 170KV Efficience Brushless Belt Sensored Motor is a high-performance choice for electric skateboard longboarding enthusiasts. With its powerful 170KV rating, this motor delivers impressive torque and speed. Additionally, its sensored design ensures smooth and precise control, seamlessly transitioning between acceleration and braking.

Whether you’re cruising through city streets or tackling challenging terrains, this motor offers reliability and efficiency. The C6374 model is renowned for its durability, making it an ideal choice for long-lasting rides. Elevate your electric skateboard experience with the C6374 170KV Efficience Brushless Belt Sensored Motor, and take your riding to the next level.

Electric Skateboard Hub Motor Wheel

electric skateboard motor

Upgrade your ride with the Electric Skateboard Hub Motor Wheel, a powerful 70mm 150W motor designed for both 24V and 36V systems. With its brushless technology, this hub motor offers efficiency and longevity, ensuring a smooth and reliable performance. Transition seamlessly from your ordinary skateboard to an exhilarating electric longboard or mini scooter, all thanks to its versatile design.

Ideal for DIY enthusiasts, this motor wheel is the perfect choice to elevate your electric skateboard project. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your ride with this hub motor’s cutting-edge technology and effortless adaptability. Elevate your ride today!

Flipsky Brushless Sensored Motor

Next is, the Flipsky Brushless Sensored Motor. Transition effortlessly from ordinary to extraordinary with this high-performance BLDC Belt Motor. Featuring a robust 6354 190KV configuration and a powerful 2450W output, this motor ensures you experience smooth rides with high torque, up to 7Nm, perfect for tackling challenging terrains.

Its dustproof design guarantees durability, while the 8mm shaft provides stability. Make the transition to a more efficient and thrilling ride with Flipsky, where innovation and performance meet seamlessly in this e-bike and skateboard motor.

Vevitts Small Brushed Permanent Magnet Electric Motor

Discover the Vevitts Small Brushed Permanent Magnet Electric Motor, a powerful and efficient solution for E-scooter drive speed control. With its compact design, this motor seamlessly integrates into your scooter, providing smooth acceleration and precise control. Transition effortlessly between speeds thanks to its 24V power supply, ensuring a comfortable and tailored riding experience.

Operating at 350W and 3000RPM, it offers the perfect balance of power and efficiency. Plus, its brushed permanent magnet technology guarantees long-lasting performance, making it a reliable choice for your E-scooter needs. Upgrade your ride today with Vevitts for a smoother, more enjoyable journey.

Factors to Consider When Upgrading

Before diving into the world of motor upgrades, consider these factors:

Compatibility with Your Skateboard

Not all motors fit every skateboard. Make sure the motor you choose is compatible with your board’s design and dimensions. Check for compatibility not only in terms of physical fit but also in terms of electrical compatibility. Some motors may require specific ESC (Electronic Speed Controller) configurations.

Motor Power and Torque

The power and torque of the motor should align with your riding style. If you love speed and rapid acceleration, go for a high-powered motor. On the other hand, if you’re more into cruising or carving, a slightly less powerful motor might be sufficient.

Consider your local terrain as well. If you often encounter steep hills, a motor with higher torque will help you conquer those inclines without breaking a sweat.

Battery Capacity

Upgrading your motor may also require upgrading your battery. Ensure that your battery can support the increased power demand. It’s not just about having a bigger battery; it’s about having a battery that can deliver the necessary current without overloading or overheating.

Battery technology has evolved alongside motor technology, and lithium-ion batteries have become the industry standard due to their high energy density and reliability. Make sure your upgraded motor and battery are a harmonious match.

Budget Considerations

Motor upgrades can vary significantly in cost. Costs depend on factors such as the brand, specifications, and whether you’re going for a DIY installation or seeking professional help.

Set a budget before you start shopping for a motor, and stick to it. While it’s tempting to go for the most powerful and feature-rich motor, remember that there are excellent options available at various price points. Finding the right balance between performance and cost is crucial.

How to Upgrade Your Electric Skateboard Motor

Deciding whether to DIY or opt for professional installation depends on your technical skills. If you’re confident, here are the steps to upgrade your motor:

  • Gather your tools and the new motor.
  • Disconnect the old motor and remove it from the skateboard.
  • Install the new motor according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Double-check all connections and tighten everything securely.
  • Test your skateboard to ensure the motor is functioning correctly.

Safety precautions are essential during the upgrade process. Always wear protective gear and follow safety guidelines.

Personal Experience with Motor Upgrades

I’ve been on a thrilling journey with motor upgrades, and the difference has been mind-blowing. The enhanced performance, longer rides, and quieter operation have made every ride an adventure. It’s a rewarding experience that I highly recommend to fellow skateboard enthusiasts.


Enhancing your electric skateboard motor goes beyond simple modification; it’s a profound metamorphosis for your ride. Equipped with the right motor, you can relish heightened performance, an extended range, and notably reduced noise levels. Embrace the opportunity to take the plunge and elevate your electric skateboarding experience. Your ride will undergo a remarkable evolution, offering improved acceleration, smoother handling, and a thrilling sense of control. The upgraded motor empowers you to conquer new terrain with confidence and explore longer distances. So, seize the chance to redefine your electric skateboarding journey and embark on a transformative adventure that’s bound to leave you exhilarated.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Can I upgrade the motor on any electric skateboard?

While many electric skateboards allow motor upgrades, it’s crucial to check compatibility with your specific board.

Q2: How much does it cost to upgrade a skateboard motor?

Costs vary depending on the motor’s brand and specifications. It can range from a couple of hundred dollars to over a thousand.

Q3: Do upgraded motors affect battery life?

Upgraded motors may consume more power, so it’s advisable to upgrade your battery capacity accordingly to maintain a balanced ride.

Q4: Are DIY motor upgrades recommended for beginners?

DIY upgrades are best suited for those with technical skills. Beginners may want to seek professional installation to ensure a successful upgrade.

Q5: What’s the average lifespan of an upgraded motor?

The lifespan of an upgraded motor depends on usage, maintenance, and the quality of the motor. On average, you can expect several thousand miles of riding.

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