Best Locks for Electric Scooters

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As an electric scooter enthusiast and advisor, I understand the importance of safeguarding your e-scooter and the need for the best locks for electric scooters. An electric scooter is not just a mode of transportation; it’s an investment that requires protection.

In this article, we will explore the importance of a good electric scooter lock, the advantages of high-quality locks, how to choose the right lock for your scooter, and provide some top picks for the best locks in the market.

The Importance of a Good Electric Scooter Lock

The Risk of Scooter Theft

Unfortunately, electric scooters, like any other valuable item, can be the target of thieves. Their compact design and high value make them an attractive steal. According to statistics, scooter theft has been on the rise in recent years. Therefore, a solid and sturdy lock is not just an optional accessory; it is a necessity.

Advantages of High-Quality Scooter Locks

Investing in a high-quality lock for your electric scooter offers numerous advantages. Firstly, A high-quality lock can deter potential thieves. A sturdy and visible lock can make your scooter a less appealing target, as thieves prefer easy and quick thefts.

Secondly, a good lock provides peace of mind knowing that your scooter is secured. You can park your scooter in public areas without constant worry about its safety. Lastly, a high-quality lock helps in reducing the risk of financial loss. Losing an electric scooter can be costly, both financially and emotionally. By investing in a reliable lock, you significantly decrease the chances of theft and the subsequent financial burden.

Choosing the Right Lock for Your Electric Scooter

Types of Scooter Locks


USHAKE Bike Combination U Lock
USHAKE Bike Combination U Lock
USHAKE Bike Combination U Lock
Our Score

The USHAKE Bike Combination U Lock is a heavy-duty security solution for safeguarding your bicycle, electric scooter, motorcycle, or metal gate. Eliminate the need for keys with its convenient combination lock feature, providing peace of mind without the risk of forgetting keys. The lock boasts a robust 10 mm hardened zinc alloy shackle, resistant to both cutters and leverage attacks, making it a reliable choice for securing your belongings. With an easily settable 4-number combination and a solid cylinder design, this lock combines convenience and strength.

  • Keys-Free Convenience: Combination lock for bikes, motorcycles, and electric scooters eliminates the need for keys.
  • Easy Setup: Quick and simple setup of your personalized 4-digit combination for added security.
  • Heavy-Duty Construction: 10 mm hardened zinc alloy shackle provides resistance against cutting and leverage attacks.
  • Weight Consideration: Weighing 1.25 pounds, it may be relatively heavier for some users.
  • Plastic Components: While the plastic-covered cylinder is designed to avoid dust, some users might prefer an all-metal construction.
  • Learning Curve: Users need to remember and enter their unique 4-digit combination, which may take some getting used to.

USHAKE Bike Combination U Lock

U-locks, also known as D-locks, are a popular choice for securing electric scooters. They have a U-shaped design and are typically made of hardened steel.

U-locks offer excellent resistance to cutting and leverage attacks.

The compact shape of U-locks makes them easy to carry, but it can sometimes be a challenge to find a suitable object to lock them to, especially if your scooter has a wide frame.

Chain Locks

NDakter Bike Chain Lock
NDakter Bike Chain Lock
NDakter Bike Chain Lock
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The NDakter Bike Chain Lock is a reliable and versatile security solution for your bike, scooter, motorcycle, and more. With a sturdy 5-digit resettable combination lock, it offers enhanced security compared to traditional 4-digit locks. The lock cylinder is made of zinc alloy, while the 0.24-inch alloy steel chain is drill-resistant and anti-tech unlocking, providing maximum protection against theft. Wrapped in high-quality polypropylene fabric, the chain is scratch-proof and wear-resistant, ensuring both durability and protection for your bike frame.

  • Enhanced Security: 5-digit resettable combination lock offers increased security compared to 4-digit locks.
  • Durable Construction: Zinc alloy lock cylinder and 0.24-inch alloy steel chain provide robust protection against theft.
  • Scratch-Proof Fabric: High-quality polypropylene fabric wrapping protects the chain and prevents scratching of your bike frame.
  • Complex Reset Process: Setting a new password requires careful alignment and manipulation of the reset disk, which may be challenging for some users.
  • Chain Diameter Limitation: The male end of the chain is 1.25" diameter, so users should confirm the gap of spokes/hole before purchasing to ensure proper fit.
  • Bulkiness: The lock's length and weight may be cumbersome for some users, especially if carried while riding.

NDakter Bike Chain Lock

Chain locks consist of a chain made of hardened steel links covered with a protective fabric sleeve. They provide flexibility in terms of locking to different objects.

Chain locks are usually available in various lengths, allowing you to find one that suits your specific needs.

However, they can be bulkier and heavier compared to other lock types, making them less portable.

Folding Locks

FoldyLock Mini Folding Bike Lock
FoldyLock Mini Folding Bike Lock
FoldyLock Mini Folding Bike Lock
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The FoldyLock Mini Folding Bike Lock by Seatylock is a top-rated compact and lightweight lock designed to provide high-security protection for bicycles, electric scooters, fixies, and folded bikes. With a patented folding design, this bike lock is portable and easy to carry, ensuring a quiet and rattle-free ride. The lock features ultra-protected rivets, making it bolt cutter, drill, and saw-proof, offering robust defense against theft.

  • High Security: Patented ultra-protected rivets and hardened steel construction provide top-rated security.
  • Compact and Lightweight: Weighing only 1.95 pounds, it is an ultra-light yet durable bike lock suitable for various applications.
  • Weatherproof and Durable: Designed to withstand rain and harsh weather conditions, ensuring long-lasting durability.
  • Key-Based System: Some users may prefer a combination or keyless system, but this lock relies on traditional keys.
  • Limited Length: The lock opens to a 75 cm chain link circumference, which may be restrictive for locking in certain situations.
  • Price: As a premium bike lock, it comes with a higher price tag compared to basic locks on the market.

FoldyLock Mini Folding Bike Lock

Folding locks are gaining popularity due to their combination of security and portability. These locks are made up of multiple connected metal plates that can be folded compactly.

Folding locks offer good resistance to cutting attacks and are often lightweight, making them easier to carry. They are versatile and can be wrapped around the scooter’s frame when not in use.

However, their flexibility may make them slightly less resistant to leverage attacks compared to U-locks or chain locks.

Smart Locks

ZiiLock X Smart Folding Bike Lock
ZiiLock X Smart Folding Bike Lock
ZiiLock X Smart Folding Bike Lock
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The ZiiLock X Smart Folding Bike Lock by SDU offers advanced security features and convenience for safeguarding bikes, scooters, and bicycles. This heavy-duty anti-theft lock provides three unlocking options: fingerprint, smartphone Bluetooth, and physical keys, ensuring versatile access control. With a high-res fingerprint touch panel, quick entry is achieved in just 0.5 seconds, and the lock can store up to 20 fingerprints. The ZiiLock App, connected via Bluetooth 5.0, enables remote control of the lock and sharing access with family members.

  • Multiple Unlocking Options: Fingerprint, smartphone Bluetooth, and physical keys provide versatile access control.
  • Theft Alert System: Motion sensor notifies the paired phone of unauthorized movements, enhancing security.
  • Premium Quality Material: Made of highly resistant alloy steel, offering top-level security against cutting and shearing attempts.
  • Price: As a feature-rich smart lock, it may come with a higher price point compared to traditional locks.
  • App Dependency: Some users may prefer a standalone lock without the need for smartphone connectivity.
  • Battery Life: While the lithium battery offers long-lasting protection, some users may prefer longer battery life per charge.

ZiiLock X Smart Folding Bike Lock

Smart locks have emerged as a modern solution for securing electric scooters. These locks utilize advanced technology, such as Bluetooth connectivity and GPS tracking, to offer convenience and additional security features.

Smart locks can be operated using a smartphone app, allowing for keyless access and remote control. Some smart locks also come with tamper alerts or alarms that notify you if someone attempts to tamper with or move your scooter.

However, it’s essential to choose a smart lock from a reputable brand and ensure it has strong encryption to protect against hacking attempts.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Lock

When it comes to choosing the best locks for electric scooters, there are several important factors to consider. By understanding these factors, you can make an informed decision and select a lock that best meets your needs in terms of security, durability, and ease of use.

Strength and Security

One of the primary considerations when choosing a lock is its strength and security features. You want a lock that can withstand various theft techniques such as cutting, picking, and leverage attacks.

Look for locks that are made of hardened steel or alloy, as these materials offer high resistance to cutting tools. Some locks come with additional security features like anti-drilling or anti-picking mechanisms, providing an extra layer of protection.


Durability is another crucial factor to consider. Your lock will be exposed to different weather conditions and potential wear and tear. Look for locks with weather-resistant coatings or covers that prevent rust and corrosion.

Additionally, consider locks that are resistant to tampering or forced removal attempts. A durable lock will ensure long-term security and reliability.

Ease of Use

Convenience plays a significant role in choosing a lock. You want a lock that is easy to carry, store, and use. Consider the size and weight of the lock, as well as its portability. Some locks come with mounting brackets or carrying cases that make them easier to transport. Additionally, locks with simple and intuitive locking mechanisms can save you time and effort when securing your electric scooter.

Locking Mechanism

Different locks feature various locking mechanisms, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

Top Picks: The Best Locks for Electric Scooters

U-Lock: Kryptonite Evolution Mini-7

Kryptonite Evolution Mini-7
Kryptonite Evolution Mini-7
Kryptonite Evolution Mini-7
Our Score

The Kryptonite Evolution Mini-7 Bike U-Lock with Cable is a heavy-duty anti-theft solution designed to secure bicycles with maximum performance. The lock features a 13mm hardened steel shackle that resists hand tools, bolt cutters, and leverage attacks, providing robust protection. Additionally, a 10mm steel looped cable adds an extra layer of security. The interior locking dimensions of 3.25" x 7" accommodate various bike frame sizes, and the 4-foot cable length offers flexibility in securing different components. Kryptonite's Key Safe Program ensures peace of mind by shipping the first two keys for free globally in case of loss.

  • Heavy-Duty Security: 13mm hardened steel shackle resists various tools and attacks.
  • Versatile Cable: 10mm steel looped cable provides additional security for various components.
  • Key Safe Program: Free global shipping of the first 2 keys in case of loss enhances user convenience.
  • Weight: The heavy-duty construction contributes to the lock's weight, which may be a consideration for some users.
  • Combination Lock: Some users may prefer a key-based locking mechanism over a combination lock.
  • Limited Cable Length: The 4-foot cable length may be restrictive for certain locking scenarios.

The Kryptonite New-U Evolution is a top-of-the-line U-lock stands as the pinnacle among U-locks, setting a standard in security and reliability. Crafted with a hardened max-performance steel shackle, it’s a fortress against attempted breaches. Designed to repel a variety of threats, from nimble hand tools to relentless bolt cutters and cunning leverage attacks, this lock ensures an unparalleled level of protection for your belongings.

But it’s not just about its formidable strength; the New-U Evolution also pays attention to the finer details. Wrapped in a protective vinyl coating, it not only fortifies your scooter against theft but also safeguards its aesthetic integrity. This coating serves as a barrier against scratches, ensuring that your scooter remains in pristine condition while under the watchful guard of this exceptional U-lock.

Chain Lock: Hiplok Gold Wearable Chain Lock

Hiplok Gold Wearable Chain Lock
Hiplok Gold Wearable Chain Lock
Hiplok Gold Wearable Chain Lock
Our Score

The Hiplok Gold Wearable Chain Lock is a top-rated, impact-resistant bike lock designed for riders seeking the highest level of security. Tested and accredited by Sold Secure, it offers maximum security for high-risk areas. The lock features a 10mm hardened steel chain combined with a 12mm hardened steel shackle, both sleeved in robust, impact-resistant nylon. The 85cm locking circumference is fully adjustable to fit waist sizes from 28 to 44 inches, providing a versatile and comfortable wear. The speed buckle fastening ensures convenience, allowing the lock to remain unlocked when worn.

  • Maximum Security: Top-rated by Sold Secure, providing the highest level of security.
  • Wearable Design: Fully adjustable locking circumference for comfortable wear around the waist.
  • Impact Resistant: Robust construction with an impact-resistant nylon sleeve for durability.
  • Weight: The chain and shackle combination, while providing security, may add weight for some users.
  • Key Reliance: Users who prefer a combination lock may find a key-based system less convenient.
  • Limited Length: The 85cm locking circumference may be limiting for certain locking scenarios.

The Hiplok Original isn’t just a chain lock—it’s a wearable security solution that redefines convenience without compromising on security. Featuring a patented adjustable fastening system, this lock sets itself apart as the ideal choice for individuals seeking top-notch security combined with ease of use and portability.

For those who prioritize both security and mobility, the Hiplok Original is a game-changer. Its innovative design allows it to be comfortably worn around your waist while you’re on the move, ensuring that it’s readily accessible whenever needed. Whether you’re cruising on your scooter or making a quick stop, this lock remains conveniently within reach.

When it’s time to park, the Hiplok Original transitions seamlessly into its protective role. Effortlessly wrapping around your scooter, it forms a formidable barrier against theft attempts. This versatility makes it a trusted companion for scooter riders who demand high-security measures without the inconvenience of carrying a bulky lock separately.

Folding Lock: ABUS Bordo GRANIT X Plus 6500

ABUS Bordo GRANIT X Plus 6500
ABUS Bordo GRANIT X Plus 6500
ABUS Bordo GRANIT X Plus 6500
Our Score

The ABUS 551604 Bordo GRANIT X Plus 6500/85cm is a folding bike lock designed for high security. With 5mm steel bars coated in plastic, it provides a durable and protective layer. The ABUS X-Plus cylinder, known for its extremely high protection, ensures reliable security for your bike. Supplied with two keys, one of which is LED-lighted for convenient use in low light conditions. This folding lock boasts Security Level 15, signifying a high level of resistance to theft. Its compact and versatile folding technology allows for easy storage and transportation.

  • High Security: Security Level 15 ensures top-tier protection against theft.
  • Durable Construction: 5mm steel bars coated in plastic for durability and protection.
  • LED-Lighted Key: Convenient for use in low light conditions.
  • Key Reliance: Users who prefer a combination lock may find a key-based system less convenient.
  • Price: Higher security often comes with a higher price point.
  • Weight: The alloy steel construction may add weight for some users.

The ABUS Bordo Granit XPlus 6500 represents the pinnacle of versatility in the realm of folding locks, harmonizing superior security with practicality and ease of transport. Its ingenious design strikes an impeccable balance between security, weight, and portability, setting a new standard in the world of bike locks.

One of its standout features is its exceptional foldability. Effortlessly collapsing into a compact form when not in use, this lock becomes incredibly easy to carry, seamlessly fitting into bags or attaching to your scooter without adding unnecessary bulk. Its folding capability revolutionizes the traditional concept of bike locks, catering to the needs of individuals who demand security without compromising on convenience.

However, the true strength of the ABUS Bordo Granit XPlus 6500 lies in its construction. The lock’s bars, crafted from hardened steel, form an impregnable barrier against attempts at cutting and pulling. This robust build instills confidence in its ability to withstand even the most determined attacks, providing a level of security that surpasses expectations.

Smart Lock

The LINKA Original Smart Bike Lock brings security into the 21st century. It utilizes advanced technology to provide keyless access, auto-unlocking when you’re near and auto-locking when you leave. It also features a built-in 100 dB alarm to deter thieves.

Tips on How to Lock Your Electric Scooter Properly

Having a good lock is essential, but it won’t be effective if not used correctly. Here are some tips on how to lock your electric scooter properly:

  1. Choose a fixed, immovable object: Always lock your scooter to a sturdy object that cannot be easily moved, such as a bike rack or a solid pole.
  2. Secure the lock through the wheel and frame: To maximize security, make sure to pass the lock through the wheel and the frame of your scooter. This prevents thieves from simply removing the wheel and making off with the rest of the scooter.
  3. Keep the lock off the ground: Whenever possible, keep the lock off the ground. Thieves may attempt to break the lock by smashing it against the ground. By elevating it, you make it harder for them to attack the lock.
  4. Choose well-lit, high-traffic areas: Park your scooter in well-lit areas with high foot traffic. Thieves are less likely to target scooters in busy locations where they could be easily identified or caught in the act.


Securing your electric scooter with a high-quality lock is an essential step in protecting your investment. With the variety of options available in the market, you can find a lock that offers excellent security without sacrificing convenience or portability. Remember to choose a lock that suits your specific needs and usage patterns.

Always follow proper locking techniques and park your scooter in well-lit, high-traffic areas. By taking these precautions, you can enjoy your electric scooter with peace of mind, knowing that it is well-protected. Happy and safe scooting!


Can any lock be used for an electric scooter?

While technically you can use any lock, it is best to use a lock specifically designed for bikes or scooters. These locks are built to resist common theft methods and provide the necessary security for your electric scooter.

Are smart locks secure?

Yes, many smart locks offer excellent security. However, it is important to choose one from a reputable brand and read reviews about its performance and reliability. Look for smart locks with strong encryption and additional security features, such as alarms or tamper alerts.

Can I use multiple locks on my scooter?

Absolutely! Using more than one lock can provide an extra layer of security and make your scooter a less appealing target to thieves. You can combine different types of locks, such as a U-lock and a chain lock, to increase security.

Where should I lock my scooter?

Always lock your scooter to an immovable object in a well-lit, high-traffic area. Choose locations where there are surveillance cameras or where your scooter is easily visible. Avoid locking it in secluded or dark areas where thieves can work undisturbed.

What if I lose the keys to my lock?

Most lock manufacturers provide a key number that you can use to order replacement keys. It is important to keep a note of this number in a safe place separate from your scooter’s key.

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