Hoverboard How Fast: A Comprehensive Guide to Speed Levels

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As an Electric Scooter Enthusiast, my goal is to help riders make informed decisions about their electric transportation options. I’ve spent years exploring the world of electric scooters, hoverboards, and other personal mobility devices, understanding their mechanics, benefits, and potential drawbacks. In this article, I’m here to help you identify how fast can hoverboard go and the right speed for your riding style and preferences.


Imagine gliding effortlessly through the streets, the world passing by in a blur as you navigate on your trusty hoverboard. In the realm of personal electric transportation, hoverboards stand out as an exciting choice. Yet, in the pursuit of a remarkable ride, the speed at which you travel plays a pivotal role. As an avid electric scooter enthusiast and advisor, I’m thrilled to take you on a journey through the captivating world of hoverboard speeds.

Understanding Hoverboard Speed

Hoverboard speed is the essence of the ride – the thrilling sensation of movement and the rush of wind against your face. But what sets the wheels in motion? The answer lies in a dynamic interplay of various factors: motor power, wheel size, battery capacity, and voltage. It’s the synergy of these elements that determines how fast your hoverboard can go.

Different Speed Ranges of Hoverboards

Low-speed hoverboards (6-8 mph): A Gentle Prelude to Adventure

Low-speed hoverboards are the gateway to the enchanting world of hoverboard riding. With a speed range of 6 to 8 mph, these boards provide a gentle and safe introduction, making them particularly suitable for beginners, children, and those who are still acquainting themselves with the art of balance. They allow you to develop your equilibrium and riding skills at a leisurely pace, setting a strong foundation for more adventurous rides.

  • Ideal for Beginners: If you’re taking your first steps into the world of hoverboards, low-speed models offer a supportive learning curve.
  • Safety Considerations: Low-speed boards provide a controlled environment for mastering balance and control.

Medium-speed hoverboards (8-10 mph): A Fusion of Balance and Pace

As your skills evolve and confidence grows, the allure of medium-speed hoverboards beckons. With speeds ranging from 8 to 10 mph, these boards strike a harmonious balance between pace and stability. They are designed to cater to urban commuters, striking a perfect equilibrium between efficient travel and maneuverability.

  • Urban Commuting: Medium-speed hoverboards are well-suited for navigating city streets, making daily commutes efficient and enjoyable.
  • A Blend of Performance and Comfort: Riders experience a satisfying pace without compromising on control.

High-speed hoverboards (10+ mph): The Thrill of Velocity

The realm of high-speed hoverboards is where adventure and excitement converge. With speeds surpassing 10 mph, these boards are the domain of thrill-seekers and experienced riders. They offer an adrenaline-pumping experience, demanding a strong command of balance and advanced riding skills.

  • Thrill-Seekers’ Choice: High-speed hoverboards cater to those who crave excitement and are adept at handling increased velocities.
  • Mastering the Craft: Riders need to possess superior control, balance, and reflexes to safely navigate at higher speeds.

Matching Speed with Intended Use

Choosing the right speed is akin to selecting the perfect tempo for a melody. It’s a personal decision influenced by your intended purpose and comfort level.

Urban Commuting

When it comes to navigating cityscapes with efficiency as your top priority, a medium-speed hoverboard emerges as the perfect solution. Its optimal blend of speed and maneuverability ensures seamless travel through bustling urban environments. Whether it’s weaving through crowded streets or swiftly gliding along sidewalks, this hoverboard caters to your need for swift yet controlled movement.

Adventure and Exploration

On the flip side, for those driven by a thirst for adventure and a craving to conquer off-road landscapes, a high-speed model presents itself as the ultimate ticket to unlocking unbridled excitement. This elevated velocity opens up a realm of possibilities, allowing you to boldly venture into untamed terrains.

Be it navigating rugged trails or embarking on adrenaline-pumping journeys, a high-speed hoverboard promises to satiate your appetite for exploration while delivering an electrifying ride that feeds your sense of adventure.

Safety Measures and Gear

Regardless of whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned rider, safety should always remain your paramount concern. The exhilaration of speed can easily lead to accidents, making it essential to invest in proper safety gear. Helmets, knee and elbow pads, and wrist guards form a protective shield against potential injuries. These items act as your first line of defense, absorbing the impact and reducing the severity of falls or collisions.

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Learning to Ride Safely at Different Speeds

Hoverboard mastery is a skill that requires patience and practice. As you advance through different speed levels, it’s imperative to embrace a gradual learning process. Focus initially on refining your balance and maneuvering abilities, honing the fundamental skills that are crucial for safe riding. When transitioning to higher speeds, exercise caution and avoid sudden accelerations and abrupt braking, especially during the initial stages of building your confidence.

Hoverboard Speed Regulations

The exhilaration of speed must consistently be balanced with a strong sense of accountability and respect for rules. Different areas have instituted rules regarding hoverboard speeds, especially in busy or public spaces. Get to know these rules so you stay within bounds, securing not just your own well-being but also avoiding potential legal entanglements.

Acting responsibly while riding isn’t just a moral duty but also a means to showcase the favorable reputation of hoverboard enthusiasts. By observing speed limits and regulations, you contribute to a safer and more welcoming environment for everyone.

Maintaining Hoverboard Speed Performance

Ensuring your hoverboard maintains its peak speed requires consistent upkeep. Regular maintenance is key, particularly for the wheels and bearings, as keeping them clean minimizes friction, ensuring a seamless performance. Following recommended charging protocols is vital, not only to prolong your battery’s lifespan but also to uphold the hoverboard’s dependable functionality.

By investing time in maintenance routines, you guarantee that your rides retain their pleasurable quality, devoid of unforeseen interruptions. This commitment to care ultimately secures a consistently smooth and enjoyable hoverboard experience.

Benefits of Optimal Speed

Picking the right speed for your hoverboard brings forth a range of advantages. It enables effective commuting, especially in busy city areas where traffic jams are a constant hurdle. This not only conserves time but also infuses a dose of fun into your everyday journeys. The experience of the breeze zipping by and the sense of freedom further enhance the delight of hoverboard riding.

Your choice of speed governs how swiftly you navigate, influencing the efficiency and exhilaration of your trips. Thus, understanding the speed settings and aligning them with your needs transforms ordinary rides into exciting escapades.

Drawbacks of Excessive Speed

While the allure of high speeds is undeniable, it comes with certain drawbacks that should be carefully considered. Riding at top speeds can hasten the depletion of your battery, leading to shorter riding durations before requiring a recharge.

Moreover, excessive speed compromises the stability and control of your hoverboard, significantly elevating the risk of accidents. Striking the right balance between speed and safety ensures that you can continue to relish the excitement of hoverboard riding without compromising your well-being.

Addressing Common Concerns

Are higher speed hoverboards always better?: Not necessarily. Higher speeds require more skill and may not be suitable for beginners.

Can I upgrade the speed of my hoverboard?: Upgrading speed isn’t recommended, as it could strain the components and compromise safety.

Is speed the only factor to consider in a hoverboard?: No, factors like stability, battery life, and build quality are equally important.


Hoverboard speed enhances the thrill of riding, introducing a fresh dimension to your experience. Take time to comprehend the varying speed categories, aligning them with your skill set and ride purpose. This approach ensures an educated choice. While speed brings excitement, prioritize safety as the top concern. Therefore, opt for an appropriate speed, don your protective gear diligently, and savor the voyage atop your hoverboard!


Q1: Is it safe for kids to ride high-speed hoverboards?

High-speed hoverboards are best suited for experienced riders, not kids. Kids should start with lower speed models.

Q2: Can I use hoverboards on the sidewalk at maximum speed?

Check local regulations. Some places prohibit high speeds on sidewalks due to safety concerns.

Q3: Do larger wheels contribute to higher speed?

Larger wheels can contribute to smoother rides, but speed also depends on motor power and battery capacity.

Q4: What’s the average lifespan of a hoverboard battery with frequent high-speed use?

With frequent high-speed use, hoverboard battery lifespan can be around 1-2 years. Regular charging habits can impact this.

Q5: Are there hoverboards with adjustable speed settings?

Yes, some hoverboards offer adjustable speed settings, allowing riders to customize their experience based on their skill level.

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