Best Electric Scooter Cup Holder For Your Ride

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Picture this: you’re cruising through the city on your electric scooter, the breeze in your hair and not a care in the world. But then, out of nowhere, thirst strikes! What do you do when your hands are busy steering? This is where a electric scooter cup holder can be a game-changer for any scooter enthusiast. Believe it or not, that Gotrax cup holder isn’t just for show – it’s designed to hold up to 33oz of whatever keeps you hydrated while adding some much-needed convenience to your ride.

Our article will guide you through selecting the perfect cup holder so you can sip safely and stylishly on-the-go. Get ready to upgrade your scooter experience with function and flair—keep reading to find out how!

Importance of a Cup Holder for Electric Scooters

Shifting from the basics, let’s consider how a cup holder becomes an integral part of your electric scooter setup. Imagine zipping through the city streets or gliding along a scenic path; having your favorite beverage at hand can make the journey more enjoyable.

A scooter cup holder affords riders that convenience, ensuring hydration is never out of reach. Whether it’s coffee to kick-start your morning commute or water to stay refreshed on sunny days, a drink holder for your electric vehicle enhances every outing.

Moreover, the practicality extends beyond simple refreshment. Electric scooter accessories like the Gotrax cup holders offer additional storage for small items such as keys and cards—amenities that amplify both functionality and enjoyment during rides.

The addition transforms an electric scooter from just a mode of transportation into a mobile haven with all essentials snugly within arm’s reach. With such utility in play, it’s clear why scooter beverage holders are often seen as necessary upgrades rather than optional extras.

Types of Electric Scooter Cup Holders

When it comes to electric scooter cup holders, there are three main types to choose from. These include handlebar-mounted cup holders, seat-mounted cup holders, and universal cup holders that can be adjusted to fit various sizes and styles of scooters.

Each type offers its own unique benefits and considerations for compatibility, stability, and installation.

Handlebar-mounted cup holders

Handlebar-mounted cup holders offer electric scooter riders the convenience of easily accessible hydration. Imagine cruising down the street with your favorite beverage securely nestled just an arm’s length away.

These gadgets attach directly to your scooter’s handlebars, providing a stable spot for drinks without needing to stop and fish them out of a bag. The Gotrax cup holder stands out in this category, designed to hold up to 33oz, ensuring that even on longer rides, you’ll have plenty of refreshments within reach.

These holders come with additional features such as small mesh pockets for stashing essentials like keys or headphones – adding utility beyond just carrying your drink. They’re not only incredibly practical but also add a touch of style to your ride.

Moving from the practicalities straight onto comfort, let’s explore how seat-mounted cup holders can further enhance your riding experience.

Seat-mounted cup holders

Seat-mounted cup holders bring convenience right to the comfort of your electric scooter’s seat. Easy to strap on, they make sure your favorite drink is never more than an arm’s reach away.

Whether you’re cruising through the neighborhood or commuting to work, having a bottle holder for your scooter that doesn’t get in the way of your ride is a game-changer. The Gotrax cup holder, designed with practicality in mind, includes a side mesh pocket perfect for stashing small essentials like keys or headphones.

These versatile accessories are not just limited to scooters; they’re also suitable as wheelchair cup holders and can be easily attached to power wheelchairs for easy access during any journey.

With their ability to hold up beverages up to 33oz securely, you’ll have plenty of hydration on hand without stopping the fun. Moving forward, let’s explore universal cup holders and how they stand out from other types.

Universal cup holders

While seat-mounted cup holders offer a tailored solution for some electric scooters, universal cup holders bring unmatched versatility. These adjustable cup holders are designed to latch onto various parts of your ride, be it handlebars or different frame types.

They come with a variety of mounting options like clamp-on mechanisms that can grip onto round or square surfaces, making them a fit for almost any electric scooter model.

The beauty of universal cup holders lies in their adaptability; they can hold anything from slender energy drinks to hefty 32oz water bottles securely during your commute. Such convenience is exemplified by the Suranew Universal Stroller Cup Holder and the Belinous Scooter Cup Holder – both excellent choices that cater to diverse bottle sizes and user needs.

Easy installation means you’re ready to roll without hassle, while sturdiness ensures your drink stays put on bumpy rides. Riders cherish these practical add-ons as they make keeping hydration within arm’s reach effortless while zipping around town.

Top Electric Scooter Cup Holders on the Market

Accmor Stroller Cup Holder with Phone Holder

electric scooter cup holder


  • Stroller cup holder with phone holder
  • Made of durable ABS plastic
  • Universal fit for most strollers
  • Convenient and easy to install
  • Keeps drinks and phone within reach while on the go
  • Sleek black color design complements any stroller

The Accmor Stroller Cup Holder with Phone Holder stands out as a versatile and practical accessory for anyone on the go. Its robust construction from durable ABS plastic paired with slip-resistant rubber ensures your drink remains secure, even when navigating bumpy terrain. The clever design includes flexible silicone petals within the cup liner that adapt to different sized beverages, preventing spills effectively—a feature particularly appreciated by active parents or outdoor enthusiasts.

This 2-in-1 holder isn’t just about keeping your hydration at hand; it thoughtfully incorporates a phone holder to keep your device visible and accessible—perfect for staying connected without missing a step while jogging or handling tasks. The convenience of having both essentials in one place cannot be overstated, allowing users like busy moms or fitness buffs to streamline their gear.


  • Durable and environmentally friendly materials
  • Adjustable clamp to fit different size rods
  • Secure cup holder liner to prevent beverage spillage
  • 2-in-1 design for holding both drink bottles and cell phones


  • The cup holder may not fit all sizes of cups and bottles
  • The phone holder may not be compatible with all phone models
  • The clamp design may not work well on certain types of strollers or other equipment

Suranew Universal Stroller Cup Holder

electric scooter cup holder


  • Universal stroller cup holder fits most baby strollers
  • Made of durable silicone, metal, and acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS)
  • Easy to install and remove with manual lift type
  • Keeps drinks securely in place while on the go
  • Sleek black color for a stylish look
  • Highly rated by over 8,000 customers with an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars

The Suranew Universal Stroller Cup Holder is a versatile and convenient accessory designed to make outings with your baby stroller, wheelchair, walker, bike or scooter both comfortable and efficient. The holder’s adaptability shines through its capability to accommodate a range of bottle sizes up to 3.14 inches in diameter, safeguarding your drinks securely even on bumpy paths courtesy of the non-slip material used in its construction. Its thoughtful design includes an attached phone storage box that supports most modern smartphones within a 0.59-inch thickness – this feature particularly stands out for busy parents or outdoor enthusiasts who need quick access to their devices without having to rummage through bags.


  • Hands – free convenience for shopping, walking, boating or traveling
  • Phone storage box allows for hands – free use of mobile phone
  • Elastic fastening strips prevent excessive shaking and falling of bottles
  • Non – slip design prevents liquid from leaking out of the cup


  • Not compatible with all stroller models
  • Phone storage box may not fit larger smartphones
  • The cup holder clip size may not fit all handlebar sizes

Belinous Scooter Cup Holder for 8-32oz Bottles


  • Fits 8-32oz bottles: Accommodates a wide range of bottle sizes for maximum versatility
  • Secure foam material: Provides a snug and secure grip on your scooter, keeping your drink stable during rides
  • Easy installation: Attaches easily to the handlebars without the need for tools or complicated setup
  • Durable construction: Made from high-quality materials to withstand everyday use and outdoor conditions
  • Sleek black color: Stylish and versatile design that complements any scooter or bike
  • Customer-approved: Highly rated with positive reviews from satisfied users

The Belinous Scooter Cup Holder emerges as a top contender for anyone in need of a versatile and reliable way to keep their beverages secure while on the move. Whether you’re navigating city streets on an electric scooter, enjoying a round of golf, or cruising in your UTV, this cup holder showcases expertise in design crafted with user convenience at the forefront. The incorporation of an insulation layer is particularly noteworthy; it ensures that your drink stays cool even when close to engine heat – a thoughtful feature that underscores Belinous’ understanding of outdoor adventures and varied environments.


  • Insulated to keep drinks cold
  • Sturdy velcro straps for support and stability
  • Compatible with a wide range of bottle sizes and types
  • Versatile application for different kinds of vehicles and equipment


  • May not fit all sizes of water bottles
  • Insulation layer may add extra bulk to the holder
  • Velcro straps may wear out over time and need replacement

GEARV 2Pack Cup Holder for Bike


  • 2Pack cup holder for bike
  • Made of durable foam material
  • Fits most standard bike handlebars
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Securely holds a variety of drink sizes
  • Sleek black color design compliments any bike style

The GEARV 2Pack Cup Holder is a versatile and practical accessory that caters to the needs of anyone on the go, from bikers to scooter enthusiasts. The cup holder’s robust construction includes reinforcement stitching, ensuring that it can withstand bumpy rides without losing its grip. Thanks to its adjustable velcro straps, which cater for roll bars between 1.5’’ and 2.3’’ in diameter, it promises a universal fit across various modes of transportation including UTVs, ATVs, wheelchairs, walkers, golf carts — and notably scooters.


  • Universal fit for bikes, scooters, wheelchairs, UTV/ATV, walkers, golf carts and more
  • Waterproof and thermal insulation layer to keep drinks at the right temperature
  • Multi – functional design can also hold items like cell phones and chargers
  • Reinforced velcro straps for a secure hold on tough terrain


  • Velcro straps may wear out over time
  • May not fit larger diameter cups and bottles
  • Some users may find the net pocket to be too small for their needs

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Cup Holder

When choosing a cup holder for your electric scooter, it’s essential to consider factors like size and compatibility, durability and stability, as well as ease of installation. To find out which cup holders meet these criteria and more, keep reading!

Size and Compatibility

When selecting an electric scooter cup holder, it’s crucial to consider its size and compatibility with your scooter or bike. Ensure that the cup holder is suitable for holding the size of beverage containers you typically use, whether it’s a standard water bottle or a larger insulated travel mug.

Additionally, check that the mounting mechanism is compatible with your scooter’s handlebars or seat, allowing for a secure and stable attachment.

The Accmor Stroller Cup Holder with Phone Holder features an adjustable clamp, making it compatible with various sizes of handlebars and providing flexibility for different electric scooters.

Similarly, the Suranew Universal Stroller Cup Holder offers a universal fit design suitable for most electric scooters and bikes, ensuring compatibility without needing to worry about specific measurements or dimensions.

Durability and Stability

When choosing an electric scooter cup holder, durability and stability are crucial factors to consider. Look for holders made from strong materials like ABS plastic or aluminum that can withstand the rigors of everyday use.

Additionally, opt for designs with secure attachment mechanisms and adjustable features to ensure a stable hold on various surfaces and handlebar sizes.

The sturdiness of the cup holder is essential in preventing spills and ensuring your drink stays securely in place during rides. A durable and stable cup holder will provide peace of mind while navigating different terrains, allowing you to enjoy your beverage without worrying about potential accidents or messes.

Emphasizing these key attributes will help you find a reliable accessory that enhances your overall riding experience.

Ease of Installation

When it comes to upgrading your electric scooter with a cup holder, ease of installation is key. The Gotrax cup holder, for instance, features a universal clamp design that easily attaches to the handlebar or frame of most electric scooters and bikes.

This hassle-free installation process allows you to quickly affix the cup holder without requiring any specialized tools or technical expertise, ensuring that you can enjoy the convenience of having a designated spot for your drink on your rides without any unnecessary complications.


In conclusion, the right cup holder for your electric scooter can greatly enhance your riding experience. The Accmor Stroller Cup Holder with Phone Holder and the Suranew Universal Stroller Cup Holder are our top recommendations for their practicality and durability.

These cup holders provide a convenient way to keep your drinks within reach while cruising on your electric scooter or bike, ensuring you stay refreshed during your ride.


Q1: Why do I need a cup holder for my electric scooter?

A cup holder adds convenience to your rides, ensuring your favorite beverage is easily accessible. It enhances hydration during your commute and can also offer extra storage for small items.

Q2: What types of electric scooter cup holders are available?

There are three main types: handlebar-mounted, seat-mounted, and universal cup holders. Each type has unique benefits and considerations for compatibility, stability, and installation.

Q3: How do handlebar-mounted cup holders enhance the riding experience?

Handlebar-mounted holders provide easy access to drinks without stopping, securely attaching to the scooter’s handlebars. They often come with additional features like mesh pockets for essentials.

Q4: What makes seat-mounted cup holders a game-changer?

Seat-mounted holders bring convenience to the scooter’s seat, ensuring your drink is within arm’s reach. They are easy to strap on and can also be used as wheelchair cup holders.

Q5: What factors should I consider when choosing an electric scooter cup holder?

Consider size and compatibility, durability and stability, and ease of installation. Ensure the cup holder fits your scooter and provides a secure attachment.

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